Originated in Germany, UGO CABRET has been regarded as one of the paragons of global high-end eyeglass for her craftsmanship of pursuing perfectness and innovation. The founder Mr. Ugo Cabret was born in Leipzig, Germany in 1849. From generation to generation, he inherited the unique rigor and genius of the family, and had a special interest in handcraft since his childhood. At the age of eight, he inadvertently witnessed the eyeglass customized for an aristocrat by the owner of the eyeglass, watch and clock shop in the town, and he was shocked by its extreme luxury and fine carving. In his eye, this pair of eyeglasses had become a work of art and he hoped that he himself could make eyeglass so elegant one day. Through the efforts he finally became the youngest apprentice of the eyeglass workshop, and now, he was one step closer to his goal. 
As time passed by, after many years of continuous learning and study, he opened his own workshop in 1879 ...
Even to this day, UGO CABRET has always adhered to brand value, independent and bold development and innovation, sticked to artisan craftsmanship, and constantly pursuing perfectness, striving to do a good job in every product. All UGO CABRET products are carefully designed and fabricated by the master craftsman team of the brand, with expensive materials of strict selection, exquisite workmanship and scarce production. UGO CABRET is continuously writing the legend with her unique design philosophy and exquisite artisan craftsmanship.