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We have never spared investment in terms of innovation. We boldly develop and apply valuable materials and advanced technology. While continuing to use the traditional process, we maintain and implement the most stringent quality control standards in the industry

Streben nach Extremes, Stellen Produkte mit hoher Qualität her
​UGO CABRET Brille wird als der Vorreiter der High-end, modischen Brille bezeichnet Die innovativen Modelle kommen immer vor
Publication time - 2017/04/15
UGO CABRET glasses: high-end private custom brand
UGO CABRET,originated in Germany, has been regarded as one of the world s high-end glasses models due to its spirit of craftsman of pursuit to perfection and innovation
Publication time - 2017/03/27
The one and only perfection, superiority in quality
Since its establishment in Germany years ago, UGO CABRET has always been the prominent classics representative of superb craftsmanship and "Made in Germany " transcendent quality
Publication time - 2017/03/13
Ugo Cabret -German eyewear brand, originality process to create the fashion ahea
Ugo Cabret -German eyewear brand, originality process to create the fashion aheaUgo Cabret has been concerned abou
Publication time - 2017/02/18
Global high-end glasses designer brand
Global high-end glasses designer brand——UGO CABRET,favorite of high-level figuresUGO CABRET, one of the world& 39;
Publication time - 2017/01/18
Heart of craftsman,eyes of luxury
Heart of craftsman,eyes of luxury——UGO CABRET GlassesMr Ugo Cabret, the founder of UGO CABRET, was born in an
Publication time - 2017/01/09
The world's top creative designer brand-Ugo CABRET
The so-called creativity is to make life more interesting Glasses as fashion single products, the design of whic
Publication time - 2016/12/20
Ugo cabret with innovative spirit of craftsmanship is rated as the global high-e
Ugo cabret withinnovative spirit of craftsmanship is rated as the global high-end glasses modelIn recent years,on
Publication time - 2016/10/21