Ugo cabret with innovative spirit of craftsmanship is rated as the global high-e
Publication time - 2017-02-20 19:26:01

Ugo cabret with innovative spirit of craftsmanship is rated as the global high-end glasses model
In recent years, on the global sunglasses brand list has squashed in a lot of upstarts, but only one pair of glasses for its pursuit of perfection and innovation craftsmanship be rated as one of the world's high-end glasses models, it is Ugo Cabret. Since inception in 1879, Ugo Cabret has always focused on bold development and innovation, insisted on manual process, constantly pursued perfection, and strived for every ingenuity products. All Ugo Cabret products are made from 925 silver, ivory, sandalwood, jade, carbon fiber, titanium and other precious materials. Expensive and rigor selection of materials and exquisite workmanship give comfortable and convenient feeling of wear! Products are rare and precious, all carefully designed and made by the brand's master craftsmen team. By virtue of unique design concept and superb handmade craft, it is writing sections of immortal legend.
Perhaps some people will repeatedly question why after experienced years of ups and downs, ugo cabret is still able to fly its own colors among the masses of glasses brands in the world? In fact, this has an inextricable link to the legendary experience of its founder.

Brand founder Mr. Ugo Cabret, born in Germany, with a unique talent has developed special dedication and devotion to hand-making since childhood. He once said: "When I was young, I incidentally witnessed an owner of glasses & watches shop in the town customized a pair of glasses for an aristocratic, it was this pair of very luxurious and elaborately polished glasses deeply impressed him, since then, this pair of glasses has become a collection of art in my heart, and I myself also hope to produce pairs of exquisite glasses personally in the future." Sure enough, after continuous innovation and breakthroughs of challenges, Ugo Cabret by virtue of bold avant-garde design style integrated all kinds of colors into the fashion elements. The most important is that it is not for the purpose of mass production and never cited commercial process as an honor. It has always insisted on the service concept of low-key luxury and pursuit of perfect. It takes rare products as an honor, only provides private customization services to special high-end people around the world. All designs are unique to ensure that consumers wearing style is characteristic in the world. Not only giving fresh from visual, more importantly, can highlight the unique charm of the wearer. From beginning to end, ugo cabret has been committed to become a global fashion leader, and gradually injects fashion force to each industry, to become a global model of high-end glasses brand.
In the design and innovation, Ugo cabret never begrudge, its designs are for different facial form of high-end figures, all products are manually designed by the team, and are made from boldly developed and applied valuable materials and advanced technologies. It takes at least five months from design to production. While continually follow the traditional process, it also maintains and implements the industry's most stringent quality control standards. With superb traditional technology and spirit of keeping improving, it is committed to present the most perfect glasses crafts in front of consumers, which making ugo cabret has a unique artistic collection value.
Today, the trend of fashion around the world is ever changing. Every glasses brand is constantly chasing the trend and making innovation and change to be in line with the development of the times. Ugo cabret adheres to independence, pays attention to quality; continues to focus on exquisite craftsmanship, forges ahead, and devotes to leading the global fashion trend line and a renowned glasses brand as people yearning for.

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