The world's top creative designer brand-Ugo CABRET
Publication time - 2016-12-20 19:30:00

The so-called creativity is to make life more interesting. Glasses as fashion single products, the design of which is based on souled and creative design. The high-end eyewear brand UGO CABRET from Germany is exactly such a designer brand of glasses featuring brilliant creativity. Ugo cabret boasting a world-leading creative design team is hammering at orchestrating very valuable collection of works of art for extraordinary personages.
Since the beginning of the development in 1879 ugo cabret has always been adhering to brand value, independent and bold development and innovation, artisan craftsmanship, constant pursuit of perfect, and striving for every product. All ugo cabret products are carefully crafted by the master artisan team of the brand. In terms of innovation, we are committed to the development and application of valuable materials and advanced technologies. While continuing to follow the traditional process, we maintain and implement the industry's most stringent quality control standards. Superb traditional craftsmanship and keen creative inspiration is the foundation of all exquisite products of ugo cabret. By virtue of unique design concept and consummate handicrafts ugo cabret keeps moving in creating the legend.

From the initial creation of the brand, Ugo Cabret has laid the foundation for its advanced ideas. Ugo Cabret has been in the spirit of craftsman in pursuit of perfection and innovation, and has therefore been regarded as one of the world's high-end glasses models, such legend can be traced back to the story of its founder, Mr. Ugo Cabret. Mr. Ugo Cabret, born in Germany, has developed a unique talent, rigorousness, and special interest in handcraft since childhood. He could always come up with original and novel ideas. At the age of eight, he incidentally witnessed the owner of a glasses & watches shop in the town customized a pair of glasses for a nobleman, and was deeply impressed by such a pair of extremely luxurious and elaborately polished glasses. His young heart was deeply shocked by this pair of artistically gorgeous glasses. Interest is the best teacher. Mr. Ugo Cabret persistently added new ideas step by step for his career of glasses, which casted the present brand of UGO CABRET!

Sieged by the malaise atmosphere in luxury goods market, Ugo Cabret never “wallows in the mire”, but with the infinite creativity of the brand to achieve sustainable development, holding fast to the noble moral integrity of “living in the silt but not imbrued”! Throughout the luxuries, especially the fashion brand, what they care most is nothing but sales and making money, their little careless given to product quality and artistic features led to flooding designs and anyone’s reach to any products with similar design, lacking uniqueness. And those personages of rank are reluctant to wear luxuries featuring the same style and design with that of average person, and often favor in the selection of those less known high-end independent designer brand but prestigious in the industry, and customization services. UGO CABRET is well versed in this concept, and devotes to create their own glasses brand for the positioned customer groups with the most professional service and high quality!
In addition to the innovation in process, all UGO CABRET products are handmade with exquisite and elaborate workmanship. Always abide by the basic principle of “long-lasting value, process aesthetics, quality service, and inheriting excellence”, UGO CABRET from the expensive selection of materials to meticulous and rigorous workmanship and bold ideas carved its unique brand characteristics!
Ugo CABRET has always been committed to the customization of unique and quality fashion products for senior personages!

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