UGO CABRET,originated in Germany, has been regarded as one of the world's high-end glasses models due to its spirit of craftsman of pursuit to perfection and innovation.

Over the past years since inception, UGO CABRET has adhered to the attitude of freedom and fashion, advocated a life of dignity and personality. It dares to break through the stereotypes and procedures of traditional glasses, and is gradually recognized by an increasing number of well-heeled personnel with its individualized avant-garde style, simple fashion feature, and unique bright colors.

UGO CABRET glasses are all high-end custom series and do a very few of mass production for customers in the circle! We do not accept repeat order once the products are sold out! Every edition is valuable, uncommon, and distinctive! In UGO CABRET, every pair of glasses is an expression of designers after interpreting all kinds of life. They strive for ultimate on every detail with diligent design, unique style, comfortable materials ... ... . The spirit of craftsmen of pursuit to the ultimate perfection indicates the brand attitude of searching for the essence of life and never forgetting the early heart! In terms of design, UGO CABRET products are designed as per the German industrial product concept, all products are designed and manufactured by the company, and the quality of the product is strictly managed. It generally takes at least 3 to 6 months from design to completion. At the same time, UGO CABRET glasses will launch nearly 30 kinds of new creative design every year to provide many more choices to consumers.



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