UGO CABRET is an eyeglass designer brand for the high-end market. It is one of the few oldest glasses brands originating and developing from Germany. Since 1879, it has been insisting on brand value, maintaining independent and initiative, carrying out bold development and innovation, insisting on handcraft, and pursuing continuously perfection for every product.

When if refers to high-end glasses in the world, most can name many famous luxury brands, stores and flagships, which use celebrity propaganda and other propaganda methods to make the luxury products well-known and more brilliant. Many buy products of these brands to show off and satisfy their own vanity, with the view that the quality of the products is not important and the focal point is the positioning of the brand and the trend for luxury and excellence instead.
The vanity of the public brings demand for brands, which stimulates business interests and leads to large numbers of products and mass production. Subsequently small workshops, fake and shoddy products, smuggled goods and high imitation products have been widely popularized. Not only this violates the market rules, but the vicious competition makes the brands focus not on the quality.

UGO CABRET has always insisted on the concept of a low-key luxury brand, positioning itself as to create exclusive product brand for elites and always persisting in the pursuit of the extremely perfect brand value. Seeking for no quantity but for quality absolutely is the quality pursued by high-end customization service suppliers!
Why can UGO CABRET eventually become one of the world's high-end glasses brands? The answer is good products originate from good technology and materials. UGO CABRET products, with premium materials selected by master craftsman teams, are crafted through exquisite technology, elaborate design and perfect processes. Development experts of the industry have been creating legends constantly with the most elegant product design concepts.

Good products are made with crafting only. UGO CABRET is famous for insisting on crafting uniquely rare products and gains benefit from small production, but make sure that each pair of glasses is perfect in quality. A good idea is the essence of a product. UGO CABRET has been pursuing perfect and innovative processes and has been regarded as a model of the world's high-end glasses. Mr. UGO Cabret has spent his whole life in Germany and has never been stingy in innovation in the design of the brand. He has boldly applied valuable materials and advanced technology to develop. But in the processes, UGO CABRET always follows the traditional manufacturing processes, maintains and realizes the most stringent quality control standards in the industry. So far, UGO CABRET has already owned the world's leading creative design teams and has put forward the brand development guidance of "Independence, Innovation, and Respect for Tradition". In the future, UGO CABRET will always abide by the basic values of "Eternal Value, Aesthetic Processes and Quality Service" and be committed to create valuable collections of art for high-end customers.



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